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Practice Logistics  


The office logistics program has become one of our most popular services. While starting new practices, we at TLK Medical, identified a huge need within the healthcare community for office logistic support.  Practices don't have enough staff to do things such as: 


  • Medical Records

  • Scanning Services 

  • Data Entry 

  • Transcription 


Doctors are starting to realize that all of these tedious services take lots of time and frustrate staff members. In many cases, practices are finding themselves hiring staff specifically for these services. By the time practices pay benefits, PTO, health insurance and profit sharing, they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on staff for these basic services.


That is where TLK comes in. 


We provide all of these services for practices at a fraction of the cost. These above-mentioned services along with many others are services which can be done from a remote destination. Our team uses protected technology to get access to EMRs to fulfill these needs. 


Allowing TLK to help with practice logistics not only saves money, but gives staff more much needed time to help with more important office needs.    


As practices have begun to take advantage of these services, they have quickly become our most sought-after service. 


Call us today for your practice needs.  















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