The TLK Medical Group was formed to provide the medical world with business ideas, products, and services that help businesses grow.  By being at the head of technology we will always provide cutting edge services that advance patient care, generate revenue, and make businesses more efficient.  We started off small, providing consulting and managing ancillary products and have grown to building and managing clinics all across the United States.  We have also grown internationally and have introduced revolutionary products in different parts of the world.  We are a company mainly dedicated to growing other medical businesses via solutions that stay on top of today’s technology. We greatly value the power of investment, and as such, we partner with top software developers, business intelligence providers and cutting edge techniques to market brands and help them deliver the best service to your patients.

TLK Medical is a group company that owns a laboratory in San Diego, specializing in treating varicose veins and similar medical conditions. Both also provide medical-related businesses with all they need to succeed. We firmly believe that the private medical industry is a great venture to invest in, and as such, we offer the following services to help these companies flourish:


           Our company makes sure that all of your accounting, debt, and money owed is completely in order,  for you to focus on the core of your medical services.


          With our experts in the field, we ensure that every single internal process is optimized for quality and profitability.


        When your services are top quality, but not enough people know you, TLK Medical is ready to turn your medical brand into a way more profitable image. We care a lot about online presence and SEO optimization.


The sister company of TLK Medical is Baruch Business Solutions. We pass on leading industry information and advances among the two companies, to ensure that our clients get the best service and experience possible.
Baruch Business Solutions specializes in top-notch medical coding and medical billing.

The process for medical coding and billing that Baruch Business Solutions follows the most strict industry standards, and keeps your customers happy by dealing with their insurance company in the most efficient way. BBS removes the hassle from this side of the medical industry and keeps your company going.

 Keith Reilly                                                        Anthony J Reilly 

CEO                                                                   Co-Founder



Management Team