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Billing and EHR Services  


TLK Medical practice management and billing services provide a team of veteran medical billing coders, along with practice managers.  We have a passion for healthcare and specialize in:


  • medical billing

  • revenue cycle management

  • reimbursement, insurance claims

  • detailed coding 

  • credentialing and accounts receivable.  


How are we different? We use business intelligence platforms to help you make data-driven decisions. EHRs now do a great job giving access to reports and numbers. But the data from the EHR stands alone and doesn't interact with outside data such as payroll, marketing strategies, website hits and interaction or sales and goal metrics. We use a business intelligence platform that combines all of this data and allows us to see it all at once. This helps us quickly identify potential problems and also helps us identify where we should be spending time and money to drive more revenue.      


Partner with us and our medical billing and coding services can reduce your team's stress, increase cash flow and improve overall productivity.  Our services allow you to focus on patient care while we assist in maximizing collections.


We can work with your current EHR or implement our system to ensure productivity and efficiency.  We provide personalized billing solutions for your business that result in cash flow.  We also provide clear collections reporting that can be customized to your needs.


Outsourcing practice management services has become increasingly popular. Outsourcing certain services allow you to take advantage of the economy of scales of larger business. This helps drive down cost and increases productivity and efficiency. By partnering with TLK Medical Group we take away the stress and TIME that it takes practices to operate, all while increasing collections.   













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