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Keith Reilly

Based in San Diego, California, Keith Reilly has been driven by determination and a huge hunger for success from a young age. This same attitude led him to graduate from Brigham Young University, after which he created his first of many businesses.

First establishing himself in the construction industry, he founded the Romero General Construction Corp in 1992. The company he founded has since led the construction market in Southern California, completing projects such as highways, dams, and even airports. It is one of Keith’s greatest successes and boasts a gross profit of over 138 million dollars in contracts alone. This construction company also portraits some personal values of Mr. Reilly, such as the focus on safety and client satisfaction.

Established in 2013, SureGenomics is another business venture that Reilly plays a vital role in. The company seeks to create DNA mapping and genomic profiles of their clients.

Greatly relying on technology, the company uses top-level CLA-certified labs to provide accurate profiles for people who care about their genomic past, present, and future. Reilly is a member of the board of the company, which means that aside from being knowledgeable in the industry, he has a top-notch talent for business and executive decisions.

Along with all of his other entrepreneurship projects, Keith Reilly is the current vice-president and founder of TLK Medical Group. This entity owns a vascular lab called Fit Vascular, which specializes in treating peripheral arterial disease and other blood-flow related diseases, using endovascular procedures. TLK operates several surgery centers nationwide, and the entity is also conformed from other medical consultancies.

Additionally, TLK Medical Group, where Reilly holds a CEO position, seeks to make the medical businessman’s life easier. Some of the services they provide are accounting and billing aid, as well as marketing and reputation solutions to make sure that the processes within the company are optimized for maximum profit and customer experience. TLK medical group is contracted with an India-based medical solutions company called “BBS”, where everything from billing, credentialing, and coding takes place. Keith is an active member of BBS as well, adding to the broad network of the entrepreneur.

This demanding CEO job in a competitive field requires Keith to always stay on the top of industry changes, so he makes sure to always meet and overcome expectations in all of his ventures, both as a manager and as a technical expert in the medical field.

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