to maximize the impact of your healthcare! We are a team of experts helping health care organizations to deliver the best care
possible with our EHR, and best practice management systems that efficiently
manages your day-to-day operations such as appointment scheduling,
billing, and other administrative tasks.
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One solution for all needs

Your trusted partner to handle all your medical administrative tasks accurately and promptly. Our practice management system performs various tasks, capturing patient demographics, scheduling appointments, maintaining a list of all insurance payers, performing billing tasks, and producing reports as well.

Results You Can Trust

Bringing real success to your healthcare organization is what we do. We offer solutions and services tailored to meet your individual needs and systems, from practice management and logistics to marketing.


Improving the quality of life

Integrating our software solutions into the healthcare industry offers various benefits that you can experience in real-time. By utilizing our better monitoring systems, and practice management systems, healthcare organizations, can focus on delivering an excellent patient care.

Stay fully connected

Through our organization management solutions, we enable you to work anywhere, stay connected, and access all information at any time. With us, you can establish financial sustainability in your healthcare business and create meaningful patient interactions to provide them with better healthcare.

About Our Company

We bring excellence to your Revenue Cycle with TLK Medical Group that serves across the United States.

Our company was started off small, provided consulting, and managed ancillary products. Eventually, we’ve grown to build and manage clinics all across the United States. We own a laboratory in San Diego, specializing in treating varicose veins and similar medical conditions.

We build happier and healthier communities that have been improving the quality of life globally. We use the latest technology to create software solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health.

Services We Provide

We, at TLK Medical Group, were offering customer-oriented medical outsourcing services for healthcare organizations.
We are a team of experts providing medical services for individual practitioners, multi-specialty groups,
hospitals, and small clinics. Our services include

Practice Management

Our modular medical practice solution is compatible with all industry standards and brings a wealth of medical resources and information to doctors, clinicians, and administrative staff.

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Practice Logistics

We simplify the procedures of scheduling, forecasting, transportation, procurement, distribution, replenishment, stock management, waste management, inventory management, maintenance, etc.

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We promote your healthcare organization by creating brand awareness, ensuring your online marketing content is search engine optimized, and running perfect campaigns to drive heavier influence.

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The Certifying Board of the American Medical Billing Association (CBAMBA) has proudly credentialed over 10,000 certified medical billers. The Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) is the longest standing medical billing certification in the industry (20 years). Only those individuals who are AMBA members are allowed to acquire and retain the CMRS credential.