Business of Healthcare

made simple and efficient

What We Do 

TLK Medical Group was formed to offer business services to the healthcare community. We help medical organizations generate revenue, become more efficient, and stay compliant.  We work with the latest technology in the medical field and bring those products and services to private practice. Our services include:


  • Practice management 

  • EHR efficiency 

  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Diagnostic Services 

  • Marketing 

  • Many ancillary services 


We have experience with:

  • Starting practices from the ground up 

  • Managing and marketing for private practices

  • Building outpatient vascular labs 

  • Implementing our wellness programs as ancillary services for private practice 

  • Consulting for international hospitals and surgery centers 

  • Consulting world-leading genetic software companies 

  • Facilitating strategic partnerships and joint ventures 


It is very hard for doctors to constantly stay up to date in the ever-changing medical industry, it's laws, and new technologies. TLK Medical Group partners with leading medical technology companies so that we can provide the newest technology available.  We are also constantly learning about programs and services that allow practices to become more efficient and generate ancillary revenue.


We go into practices and are able to show them how to generate additional revenue and lower costs through efficiencies with creative programs, services or partnerships.  We have been fortunate to work with many different specialties all across the United States and in many other countries in the world. We have worked with medical professionals and organizations of all different capacities. Solo doctors building a private practice have hired our group to build their business, and Pharmaceutical companies have hired us to facilitate joint ventures.