TLK Medical practice medical coding services,

ICD-10 is a crucial government-mandated initiative that can impact business-critical results, such as revenue compliance and business continuity. With the new ICD-10 codes, healthcare providers need to transform their ICD-9 based systems to the updated ICD-10 systems with comprehensive ICD-10 compliance solutions. TLK Medical Group offers holistic ICD-10 remediation and testing solutions that offer financial neutrality, health reporting compliance, operational readiness, cost-efficiency. Leveraging agile methods and advanced technologies, our ICD-10 transition solutions suite offers IT systems remediation, business process assessment, end-to-end testing, and ongoing compliance. Our reliable and standalone ICD-10 remediation solutions for healthcare efficiently reduce revenue leakage, discover fraud, waste, and financial abuse. TLK Medical Group ICD-10 transformation solutions assure healthcare stakeholders of enhanced reporting, better administration, and customer satisfaction.


Our comprehensive and precise coding services combining with simplified technology transform the way of medical coding practices in the healthcare sector. From end to end with our well-trained and Coding team, we improve the productivity and quality of your document process to meet the varying workflow requirements of your organization.

ICD-10 Remediation and Testing Solutions Best For Your Need?

TLK Medical offers comprehensive quality assurance services that combine ICD – 10 remediations and testing, and agile testing services. Our ICD-10 remediation and testing solutions for healthcare include testing the interoperability of multiple internal applications and interfaces between system components

  • Bring better transparency and up-gradation in payment procedures by accurately reporting the complexity of the care provided.
  • Implement ICD-10 Remediation and Testing bring efficiency and speed in tracking and responding to a huge amount of patient data.
  • Bring cost-efficiency in medical care and health insurance premiums by avoiding fraudulent and exaggerated claims and offer more accurate reimbursement for providers too.
  • Gain the benefits of the performance-based payment system offered by ICD-10 rather than aiming just for the returns.
  • Government health organizations and officials can use the updated ICD-10 data to compare public health trends with global pandemics to set up better health policies.
  • Monitor services and resource utilization, analyze healthcare costs, monitor outcomes, and evaluate the performance using ICD-10 remediation and testing.
  • Enhance the quality of clinical documentation by implementing updated ICD-10 remediation and testing.
  • Healthcare providers can improve their relationships with other healthcare stakeholders by collaborating to enhance reimbursement processes.