Medical Transcription

It is very important for a doctor to provide the exact reports concerning treatments, surgeries, medicines of each and every patient those are under their care. For healthcare providers, the benefits of medical transcription services ensure that patients will receive the right treatments and medications.

In-house transcription services have become hard to maintain and costly. Rather than taking the unnecessary time to get foolproof, the healthcare industry should think of outsourced professional transcriptionists to address their voice-to-text needs that must be done correctly and in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Outsourcing your Medical transcription to TLK Medical Group makes transcription immensely simpler, minimizes the number of errors, and improves the accuracy of records. We use the latest to high-end technology and sophisticated software allowing for safer and more effective medical transcription.

We manage people, records, HIPAA compliance, technology, maintenance of equipment, turnaround time, and all other variables associated with the medical transcription services besides its core business of health care. Leave all the hassle to us and spend more time interacting with their patients in order to make their treatment plan more effective and focus less on their organizational documentation

Three convenient dictation options offered by us

  • Handheld Digital Voice Recorders: Clients can record their dictations at any time and anywhere by making use of a handheld digital recorder. After recording, they can connect the digital recorder to a computer and transfer the dictations to our server.
  • Android Smartphones and iPhone: We provide our clients with the facility to dictate into their smartphones and have them transferred to our servers securely by downloading a small, free app.
  • Toll-Free Telephonic Dictation: Clients can conveniently access Totalmed’s phone-in toll-free dictation facility from office or home. For recording dictations, one needs to use an account number, a PIN number, and the toll-free number to call.