Electronic Medical Record

Is your health organization falling short of resources to handle Health Records?

Then it’s time to digitize the whole medical records process and improve operational efficiency. We, at TLK Medical Group, understand the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and bring a wide range of EMR solutions that are easy-to-adopt, completely customized, well-integrated, and extremely cost-effective. By outsourcing to us, you’ll not only save on costs but also be able to improve profits and operational efficiency.

With the help of our expert guidance and our proficiency in setting up electronic medical record systems, we bring accuracy and structure to the whole process of electronic records management.

We take care of complete electronic health records management by implementing technologies, workflows, templates, and processes for streamlining data capture, generating reports and dashboards, preparing standardized formats and best practices for condition-specific patient care, and reducing redundant activities in order to optimize the clinical workflow.

Data Optimization Through Medical Records Management

As the adoption of electronic medical records continues, it is important that healthcare organizations convert to digital records management. Medical records management has emerged as a high priority among healthcare units for solutions that integrate data accessibility with everyday workflows for overall revenue cycle management. We, at TLK medical groups, integrate and analyze medical data to make patient care more efficient, and extract insights that can improve medical outcomes while protecting the security and privacy of the data. Our medical records management solutions provide enhanced data quality and accuracy thereby increasing productivity and optimizing best medical practices. Our medical records management techniques help health organizations to move faster and function more efficiently, reducing administrative costs and medical errors.

Benefits of EMR for Clinics

  • Save space by eliminating paper records needing to be stored, managed, and retrieved for over a period of time
  • Optimize workflow and increased number of patients served per day
  • Reduce administrative difficulties and operational costs
  • Interface easily with hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and other health systems
  • Customizable, scalable, and easy to use
  • Provide clinical alerts and reminders
  • Track electronic messages to staff, other clinicians, hospitals, labs, etc.
  • The ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the other
  • The ability to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day for enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity
  • Improved results management and patient care with a reduction in errors within your medical practice
  • Reduced operational costs such as overtime labor expenses
  • Customizable and scalable electronic medical records that can grow with your practice
  • Advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities
  • The improved bottom line of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing

Benefits of EMR for Patients

  • Quick assessment and care from professionals
  • Data and results are tracked over time
  • Improved health diagnosis, treatment, and overall quality of care
  • Identify patients who are due for preventive visits
  • Enhanced privacy and security of patient data
  • Reduction in errors and improved patient care
  • Enables evidence-based decisions at the point of care