Practice Logistics

Among the different non-clinical activities, logistics is of great importance as it represents a large portion of healthcare organizations’ expenditures and is essential for your operational performance. About half of the costs associated with supply chain processes could be eliminated through the implementation of better logistics management practices. Several staff members were inappropriately involved in logistics, leaving their core responsibilities unattended. Staff including nurses should take care of patients, including assistance to surgeons, instead of completing logistical tasks. To relieve staff of logistical duties, you should make a wise decision of outsourcing to professionals.

Logistics outsourcing to TLK Medical Group will simplify the procedures of scheduling, forecasting, transportation, procurement, distribution, replenishment, information system, patient flow, purchase, receiving, stock management, pharmacy, mail service, telecommunication, home care services, catering, laundry, waste management, inventory management, damage management, maintenance, etc. Our team uses protected technology to get access to EMRs to fulfill these needs.

Our aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire healthcare system by spotlighting the essential logistics services needed. The strategic replacement of TLK Medical Group to perform activities that are traditionally handled by your internal staff will present a perfect understanding of precisely where parts and supplies are located and thus helps you focus only on patients

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