All need of your work to send us scanning and uploading, or mail to us. Your all billing & payment data is available in real-time and have about transparency our services. You can see all the work as it is done, including statuses, notes, and any missing information that needs your attention. You can also run all commonly used practice management reports from the billing software.

Our billing experts are expertise in using all application based and cloud-based billing software. We use the transition time of 3- 5 business days to get familiarized.

1. New Patient Demographics Sheet 2. Insurance Information 3. Super bills or Notes for Coding 4. Paper EOBS if any for accounting.

Our fees vary depending on your specialty and practice size and whether or not you scan your documents. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant savings, and our efficient processing model with overnight services will quite likely result in an increase in your overall collections. We have several packages and it depends on the size of the practice, 1. % – It could vary from 3 – 6% in what we collect from insurances. 2. Flat Rate – Ranges between $800.00 to $1800.00

Transition requires 5-7 business days for gathering information like providers, practice, insurance, patients data, credentialing info, etc and setting up your software for billing