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Anthony J Reilly

Born in San Diego, the story of Anthony J Reilly starts with a kid with a big dream. In his early years, he was passionate about both innovation and medicine, which later in his life led him to acquire two bachelor’s degrees; one in International Business from Westminster College and the other in General Finance, this time in the Brigham Young University.

With his study life over, he went to become an entrepreneur and succeed in two different fields, first by partnering with his brother Keith Reilly to create a medical group from scratch, which owns medical labs and partners with local businesses.

On the other hand, Anthony also profited from the home modernization trend. In college, he started a door to door sales project focused on selling smart home equipment, which led him to become the sales manager of Vivint Smart Home, a business dedicated to sell and install equipment for smart homes.

Along with his extensive knowledge acquired throughout his education, Anthony co-founded TLK medical group, where he is now president. An entity that owns “Fit Vascular”, the vascular lab specialized in varicose vein treatment, and other blood-flow diseases. TLK is an entity that is made out of medical consultancy agencies, hospitals, and other businesses.

This is not the limit of TLK’s capabilities. They also offer solutions, such as accounting, coaching, and tutoring to medical businesses. The group seeks to help these companies improve their reputation, marketing strategy, and internal management.

Ultimately, all of the services that TLK offers are oriented to maximize profits and make the entrepreneur’s life easier, which is what Reilly specializes in.

This venture shows how Anthony is a multi-skilled innovator, who knows is experienced with sale tactics, as well as the management of highly specialized fields like the medical business area.

One of the most impressive feats on Anthony’s career was to found his own sales team and work for Vivint Smart Homes, ranked by Fast Company as #22 in the world’s most innovative companies. Over the course of a few free summers, he and his team generated over $25 million dollars in revenue for the company, showing the true talent and natural leadership that Mr. Reilly carries in his professional life.

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