Data Processing

The Healthcare industry is continuously producing huge amounts of data in different forms such as state data sets, medicare data sets, all-claims data, hospital patient data, demographic, psychographic, and more. It is not possible to manage the whole data in different formats. If the healthcare industry wants to become cost-effective and more efficient, it should think of hire services of the outsourcing company. Outsourcing data processing to TLK Medical Group can be a great choice to improve efficiency and enhance the progress of your healthcare industry.

Streamlining Healthcare Data Processing or Data Interchange for flawless and optimized data transfer

Our Electronic data interchange(EDI) techniques allow the exchange of computer-processable healthcare data in a standardized format and secure manner among healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, and patients. We consider many factors such as the level of security and compliance the system or solution can provide, ease of integration, and time to value when implementing EDI systems or solutions.

Our healthcare EDI systems offer a structured organization of healthcare information through EDI HIPAA transaction sets that can pull a tremendous amount of data in an automated, efficient, and secure manner from different departments and system silos, without capturing bad data.

We use HIPAA in EDI with the intention to establish national and global standards for electronic healthcare transactions and thus enabling organized, compliant, accurate, and efficient exchange of healthcare data. Outsourcing TLK Medical Group for healthcare transactions improves productivity as it enables a high-level accuracy, efficiency, speed, and lower handling costs of processing healthcare documents.